Espiritu Schools shall provide an educational  environment that treats all students with dignity and respect. Every homeless  student shall have access to the same free and appropriate educational  opportunities. This commitment to the educational rights of homeless children,  youth, and unaccompanied youth, applies to all services, programs, and  activities provided or made available.
    A student may be considered eligible for services as a “Homeless Child or Youth” under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act if he or she is presently living:
    • In a Shelter - Student living in temporary shelters (Ex.) Homeless Shelter, Domestic Violence Shelter, Transitional Housing Programs, or Temporary Foster Care Placements
    • Doubled Up - Student temporarily sharing the housing of other persons (Friends or Relatives) due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or a similar reason
    • Unsheltered - Student living in abandoned buildings, campgrounds and vehicles, inadequate trailer parks, bus and train stations substandard housing or abandoned in the hospital
    • In a Hotel/Motel - Student temporarily living in a hotel or motel due to lack of alternate adequate accommodations
  • For Espiritu Schools' complete Homeless Education Policy and further information regarding McKinney-Vento please see the attachments below.


RMR McKinney Vento

AIM Higher McKinney Vento

NFL YET McKinney Vento