Assessment Mechanisms

  • Espiritu Schools teaches the ACCRS within a scope and sequence, organized by grade and subject, with curriculum mapping and quarterly pacing guides. Espiritu Schools uses the Classical Education Model (CEM) to deliver the core standards.  Espiritu Schools provides instruction in four core areas: math/science, language arts, history/social studies, and electives in the Classics.
    At the beginning of each academic year, teachers will assess student mastery of the standards via the Illuminate Education benchmarking assessments.  An Individual Student Plan for Success, or individual learning plan (ILP), will be created, based on the data analysis, to address the academic needs of each classroom and each student.  The ILPs will align to the established pacing guide for each grade for both the ELA and math core content areas.  School Leadership will work with each classroom teacher to develop and align the ILPs within the framework of the CEM. The ILPs will guide teachers as a map for classroom instruction.  The ILPs, developed through data analysis, will facilitate teachers in generating accurate and aligned standards-based lessons and interventions to meet each student’s academic needs. The data driven ILPs will help identify which instructional method (whether whole group, small group, centers, or one-on-one) are the best use for demonstrating a particular lesson.  The ILPs will also help determine if a more individualized intervention is needed to meet the student’s specific need.