Clubs & Activities at NFL YET

Barebell Club

  • Sponsor: Mr. Scott Turney

    Meetings: To be Announced

    Location: Weight Room

    Description: The Barbell club is for any students 9th through 12th grade with a desire to delve deeper into Power lifting. Whether your goal is to improve technique, lift heavier or compete within the sport of weightlifting then this program is for you. Our weightlifting program and expert coach will help each individual reach their goals.

    Requirement: Must be committed

Key Club

  • Sponsor: Rosalva Lopez

    Meetings: To be Announced

    Location: To be Determined

    Description: Key Club is a student service organization. The philosophy is “Building leaders through service to the community” activities include food drive, walk for Autism and blood drive.

    Requirement: A desire to be involved in the community and help others.

Robotics Club

  • Sponsor: Mr. Duarte

    Meetings: To be Announced

    Location: TBD

    Description: Robotics Club guides students through the exciting world of robots. Experts in the field of robotics help students learn more about artificial intelligence and what the future holds for humans and machines. Students focus on the origins, applications, and latest trends in robotics and learn how robots are built and controlled. They then move to exciting group challenges where they try to make a robot successfully complete a task. No previous computer coding experience is required, and no materials are required for participation. The Robotics Club is open to students in all grades.

    Requirement: Be a high school student.


Yearbook Club

  • Sponsor: Alan Rascon                          

    Meetings: To be Announced

    Location: Student Center

    Description: Yearbook is a year- long club. You take pictures at different events such as sports, dances, fundraisers or any other events we are invited to. You are required to edit pictures and develop creative ideas to develop the book.

    Requirement: Committed and Creative


International Student Travel Association

  • Sponsor: Alan Rascon

    Meetings: To be Announced

    Location: Student Center

    Description: The international student travel association will be a yearlong club that will focus on Fundraisers, planning, organizing and planning an International trip for the summer of 2018. The trip will give students the opportunity to help outside of the community and will be able to learn about different cultures and ethnicities.   

    Requirement: Must be a Junior or Senior in high school, BE PRESENT AT ALL MEETINGS, good academic standing and approval from sponsor and officers. Student must have legal permission to travel.  


MEChA Club

  • Sponsor: Mr. Rodrigo Antillon

    Meetings: To be Announced

    Location: Room 207

    Description: M.E.Ch.A stands for “Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán.” This is a nationwide organization that recognizes the central importance of higher learning and activism in the development of our communities. The members of M.E.Ch.A take an active role in promoting relevant education and equal justice. M.E.Ch.A challenges students to succeed in their education while organizing and becoming part of the Chicana/ Chicano Movement. The organization’s fundamental goals are to overcome cultural prejudice and to increase the amount of graduates committed to our people’s progress. This year we are planning numerous events including a Dia de los Muertos Celebration, a clothing drive for a local family shelter, a Cesar Chavez Assembly, and a Cinco de Mayo Dance & Classic Car Show.

    Requirement: Committed and willing to learn.

Student Board of Service

  • Sponsor: Alan Rascon

    Meetings: To be Announced

    Location: Student Center

    Description: The SBOS helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school principals. They often also help raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects, helping people in need and school reform.

    Requirement: Complete Application and commitment.  


  • NFL YET College Prep Academy continues to implement new clubs every year.

    We are also open to ideas from students and staff.