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A-F Letter Grade Accountability
In 2010, the Arizona Legislature enacted Arizona Revised Statute §15-241 (A.R.S. §15-241) to create the A-F Letter Grade accountability system which was adopted in June 2011 by the State Board of Education. The A-F Letter Grades are designed to place equal value on current year achievement and longitudinal academic growth, specifically the growth of all students as well as a school’s lowest achieving students.
Accredited Online Schools & Colleges
"Accredited Online Colleges is the Internet’s premier site for finding accredited online education in America that is in line with the standards of the United States Department of Education. It allows you to search through countless accredited schools based on a variety of criteria to find the accredited college that best meets your needs. It is a comprehensive and informative resource that ranks each university in Arizona by size, degrees offered, tuition costs, admission rates, graduation rates, and retention rates.
Arizona Charter Schools Association
Arizona Charter Schools Association is a nonprofit organization who believes that all Arizona students should have access to a high quality public school. We are focused on creating and sharing innovative programs designed to support leaders and teachers as they work to improve student achievement. The Association supports student achievement through high quality charter schools, advocates for student equity and charter school autonomy, and leads Arizona charter schools as a sustainable, strong, credible organization.

Arizona Department of Education
The Arizona Department of Education and its chief position, a publicly elected state Superintendent of Public Instruction, were created upon the ratification of the Arizona Constitution. The job of the state superintendent is to “superintend” the K-12 public education system in Arizona through the state department of education.  As stated in the state constitution, this involves providing for the students of Arizona a uniform public school system including kindergarten schools, common schools, high schools and normal schools.
Arizona's Career And College Ready Standards
Across the state, Arizona’s Common Core Standards are being implemented to ensure that all students have the academic knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college, career and life. To support their implementation, the Arizona Public Engagement Task Force - an independently formed statewide collaborative of more than 30 organizations – has worked in partnership with the Arizona Department of Education to provide information and resources to parents, educators, students and business leaders about the standards.  The Task Force has also created the Arizona’s Common Core Standards Communications Tool Kit that provides superintendents, principals, teachers and other community leaders with the tools to communicate to families and community members about the standards.
Best Online Colleges in Arizona
Arizona is considered a pioneering state in online education. A certain university system in the state has offered online degree programs since 1993. Arizona boasts over 300 online degree programs from a wide variety of prestigious institutions appearing in the 2015 US News and World Report rankings, including Arizona State University (#8 in online bachelor’s degree programs), University of Arizona (#121 in the overall national rankings), and Ottawa University – Phoenix.
Family Link - Access Your Child's Grades Here
FamilyLink is a dynamic Web portal for the families of our school. FamilyLink has a live (dynamic) connection to the Schoolmaster database system. Once data is changed in the system (or in teacher's Schoolmaster Gradebook), the changes are seen on the portal. Once a parent/guardian is logged in, he or she can switch back and forth between multiple students that are linked to that adult in the core system.
Financial Aid Guide for Online Students
In this guide, you will be taught different ways on how to financially aid your online studies. School-specific, state and federal government, and private scholarships, along with grant programs, can help you over the cost of your education. Online students have access to the same financial aid as traditional students in most cases. See more here: Scholarship and Financial Aid Information on Arizona's online schools.
Help Your Child With Their Homework is a free tool created by Stand for Children Arizona to help parents better understand homework related to Arizona’s new academic standards in Math and English in grades Kindergarten – 8th Grade.
How Accreditation Works and Why It Matters
On this page, you will learn how accreditation works and why it matters. Basically, it will answer the questions for: How do I check for accreditation?, Why is accreditation important?, Is all accreditation the same? And How does programmatic accreditation work?
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